This is where it happens. My brain spins off into an abyss of thought and fantasy that tends to consume most of my life.

I suppose I could call it journeying.

The Magii Chronicles has been a project long overdue, but I am grateful for the time spent on it and mistakes that I have made. I hope I make fewer in the future, as we all should.

I continue to pick deadlines and not match them, so from now on I will just update on the process.

I hope to update once a week with a new blog for The Draper Tangent, and right now, the focus is going to be 'Skiddo Story' which is about living with my van named Skiddo.

Thank you!

Current Word Count: 50,000

Completion rate: 50%

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Have some free time? Why not read a tangent or two? They're mostly short, like me, and you might find something new!


First 'Chapter Illustration' - September 21, 2016



Charlie Zacherl is the illustrator that I'm working with. He's brilliant! And efficient. As soon as I give him my thoughts on the next illustration, he takes it and runs with ideas. He's also read more of the first draft than anyone else has for inspiration, so that helps. I also want to mention how encouraging he is. If you want to commission high-quality work, contact him. I implore you.


Halfway Point - August 11, 2016

Over the course of my two week road-trip, I handwrote chapters 16 and 17, one of which I have transcribed into my Word document. The content from these two, as it turns out, will complete chapters 16-18 when I'm finished typing them, finishing the second mini-arc in the first volume of the Magii Chronicles. I should be finished this process by this Sunday, Aug. 14. I will give an updated word count then! Have a great weekend!

The Magii Chronicles Page - July 12, 2016

The page is under construction, but will eventually include the ümbrähin lexicon, world map of Ertam, bestiary, and the major text of their universal spirituality, Fasweh. Updates soon!

Cover Art Complete! - May 2016

Illustrator Charles Zacherl has finished the cover art for The Magii Chronicles Birth of Kryobel Vol. 1 ~ Check out some of this talented artist's work here!


He and I will be collaborating on many future illustrations for the Magii realm.